Monday, April 15, 2013

Awkward Moments in South Asia #7

Our friend was telling us about a conversation he had with a South Asian. The South Asian, in an innocent attempt to make friendly conversation, asked him how he was finding South Asia.
Our friend at this time was going through culture shock--meaning that everything stinks. Seriously. It's like depression and hate combined, and I'm sure it could kill if it lasted long enough. So our friend answered honestly, "Both this country and my home country are nice, but I wish this country was a little--well--cleaner."
The South Asian was slightly embarrassed, obviously, that our friend found his country unclean. They were eating at a restaurant at the time and the floor was covered with bones and napkins and the like; the South Asian quickly began to clean up the mess while he made excuses. "Yes, our country is dirty. These uneducated people don't know the importance of cleanliness. Look at this mess!"
He proceeded to put the trash he had picked up in a plastic bag, then throw the plastic bag out the window.

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