Friday, February 8, 2013

Mirrors and Cameras

The mirror is the biggest liar I’ve ever met. It tells me every morning, “You’re charming, your hair is perfect,” and I only half believe it. The camera, now, that’s a different story: it’s honest, blunt, and I’d rather not know its opinion of me.
The mirror says that my bangs parted to the side makes me look certain of myself. The camera says it makes me look like I’m balding.
The mirror says my lop-sided smile makes me look ironic and witty. The camera makes it look like a spasm.
The mirror says my face is a nice color. Maybe it’s the lighting in the bathroom, because the camera likes to poke fun at my freckles.
I’ve decided to not consult the camera about my looks again. I prefer the lighting in the bathroom.

P.S. You ever want to get me a birthday present, find me Lady Shallot's mirror. Now that. Is cool. Or find me the mirror of Erised at Hogwarts, that'd work too.


  1. I have that same experience! If only the camera captured the view we see in the mirror! I'll tell you a funny (and embarrassing) experience I had - but not on here. :)

  2. Haha, I'll be sure to ask you.
    Hmmm...could take pictures in the mirror? But then you'd see the camera.

  3. I can honestly say that neither "color me" well!!
    I guess you can look at different angles in a mirror and get a better shot of what you want to look like in a camera but never do..
    Love this blog. Very introspective!!