Thursday, March 14, 2013

Semi-Precious Stones

I am, undeniably, a bit of a nerd. And as a nerd I sometimes get excited about things most people don't. One of these things are rocks.
Not gravel, of course.
My grandmother collected rocks and as a little girl she would take me along the Oregon beach to find some. She had her bucket, I had mine. At the end of the day my bucket was more heavy and hers was more beautiful. I had an understanding that a rock that was shiny and sparkly at the beach would still be shiny and sparkly when it dried, and was fresturated when I got home and all I had were run-of-the-mill red rocks. I used to put them in the sink and soak them in water, which made me feel a little better about it.
I guess most people have something that makes them feel in their hearts how great God is. For some it's the ocean, for some it's the mountains or trees. For my Mom, I think, it's flowers. For me it's rocks.

In my furtive effort to find a pen name, I started to look of gem names. Here are some beatiful samples I found:

Malachite (I'd love it if it had a nicer name!)

Obsidian: (made from cooled lava)

Also Snowflake Obsidian:

Jasper (Ikr, it's a stone?!)

Also Ocean Jasper:

Lace Agate:


And the list goes on and on!


  1. This is pretty neat. I have a small rock collection myself, and I used to be really into stones although I never bothered to learn many of the names. Sardonyx has the best name of these...if you wanted to become a sorcerer that would be the way to go.

    1. Sorcery's not high on my list of to-dos. But if I do become one, I'll be sure to use Sardonyx as my name.
      Yeah the names aren't too cool, which stinks. I didn't know you collected rocks.

  2. I've got rocks from where I've visited.... I take them home and spray them with clear acrylic and they stay shiny and colorful.... I keep mine on the table by the front door and in the pottery holder on the floor by the door. Got some from Oregon as well...
    love u

    1. I didn't know that! Wow, why haven't I noticed?
      Did you get one from my country?

  3. Nice stones, I have seen stones, All stones are very nice & Lace Agate stone are very very nice, Its a gorgeous