Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Road Trip Paranoia

Warning: do NOT read A Good Man is Hard to Find right before you go on a road trip.

It's a short story about a Southern family, a grandma, her son and daughter-in-law and their two kids and baby, who were having a pleasant drive to Florida when their car breaks down. A loose convict finds them and kills them all.

Like I said, don't read it before a road trip.

Half way through the trip I asked myself, "why do I feel like we're all about to die?" The trip in itself was not a pleasant one to begin with; a political leader nobody particularly likes (with good cause) was returning to the country. Things could get dirty and we knew it. We had to leave early and couldn't travel out later in the afternoon.

Our taxi-driver scared me half the death with his obvious unfriendliness. Was he unfriendly because he just was, or because he planned to kill us and felt a little guilty about it?

I didn't really feel like reading since I was so tired, but the backseat was so crowded I couldn't comfortably sleep. So I spent two hours suspecting everybody was out to get us and I was sure I wouldn't make it there alive.

I did. The most interesting thing that happened on that journey was that Dad spent fifteen minutes in the bank so nobody was there to turn the music down.


  1. Wow, Blisso. Where did you find this book? Glad you made it through okay...

    1. It's in our 50 great short stories book for Omnibus.

  2. So what does your dad spending 15 minutes in the bank have to do with not turning the music down?? What music?
    You are some kind of granddaughter that I love a bunch!!