Monday, June 3, 2013

Crooked Backs

One of the funniest dialogues I've had this week (and that's saying a lot):

We're sitting at the dinner table, my family, my grandparents Nana and Grandaddy and my great-grandmother, Mima.

Me: Dad, Mima said you were born with a crooked back.
Dad: I was what?
Me: Born with a crooked back. Maybe that's why your back was hurting.
Dad: Don't remember that. (looks at Mom confusedly)
Me: Nana, was Dad born with a crooked back?
Nana: He was what?
Me: Born with a crooked back. Mima said that.
Nana: I don't think so. Mima?

Mima starts to laugh maliciously. If you've ever heard an old person laugh maliciously, it's quite affective.


  1. Oh Mema! I wish I had been there to laugh with you all. One night of hugs was not enough. I miss you and can't wait to see you again tomorrow!

    1. yes, are we seeing you today? I think so. Can't wait!

  2. he was born with a--look, a glass shop! Did you see the glass shop? :-)

    1. Of course I did. Didn't you know that? I thought you were psychic.

    2. yeah, but we have to keep the conversation going. Of course you knew that. You're psychic. X)