Sunday, February 10, 2013


Living in our large houses that shield us from the elements, it’s easy to forget how fragile life is and what a precious gift God has given us.
                When we went to the beach last weekend we found a nest of baby turtles hatching early in the morning. Dogs and crows found the nest before us and had eaten several of these small, struggling babies during their trip from their hole to the water. The rest of them were still underground when we arrived, and we watched with excitement as little head after little head popped out of the sand. We put them in a bucket to protect them and carried them home so they could be released at night, but we did put two of them into the ocean to watch them swim—what an adorable sight! They’d shoot forward under the water, then stick their tiny black heads above the waves to get a gulp of air before setting off again. We held a few, and I was amazed at how strong and durable they seemed already. I guess they have to be that way in order to survive.
                Can you imagine if humans survived the way turtles did? If we buried our kids in the sand, then made them crawl out before they suffocate, and crawl a quarter a mile to the ocean, then swim for miles and miles till they found us? And most of them would get eaten on the way.
                It makes me thankful for my warm house and a cup of tea. I’m glad God made people the way he did.

This turtle believes he can fly.


  1. really... you shouldn't call your brother names!!
    love you and so glad we got to see this together.
    maybe there are more times like it to come.

  2. These photos are too cute! I always wanted to see the turtles hatch when I lived in FL. Good thoughts, too, Lys. :)

  3. That's great that you guys got to see the turtles hatching! I'm really glad. It is such a miracle - and such a privilege to get to see it! Great pictures.