Monday, February 11, 2013


Shining always, bright before me
Like a star among the dark heavens.
It is so far away,
I could never get to it in a lifetime.
I could never reach it in a moment.
I could never master it in a heartbeat.
Though now in the night it seems so close
Hanging there in the heavens like a diamond.
If I took my hand and seized it,
It would be mine forever.
I would wear it on my neck
And it would shine bright,
A light in a dark place,
A light in a dark world,
Wholly mine.

But it is not as it seems,
That shining star in the night--
So small, so pale and safe--
If I were to reach it,
Breeching the gap
Of unending emptiness between us
And loneliness between us,
If I were to reach it
After years wandering alone,
I could not seize it.
It would not be mine.
It would be larger than my eyes could see
An infernal field of red and black
That I could throw myself into and die.
It would consume my heart,
It would destroy my eyes.
I would fall into it despite my resistance,
I would fall into that field of fire,
And all those years I had desired to reach it
Would burn with me into nothingness.

You are beautiful, star of the night,
You are so far away, and small,
You fill my heart with wonder and desire.
You are good, you are beautiful;
Stay there in the sky,
Be what you are not for my sake,
Look down on me always, little star,
And I will stay here waiting.

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  1. Your way with words... wow, it's a gift. I'd call myself a writer if I could think of things like this.