Saturday, July 13, 2013

American Rights

Kelsey has made a good point: I really need to write more often. I'm just enjoying America so much I have nothing to say. I haven't been  thinking clearly enough to write, and I'm also suffering the unfightable writer's block where I'm unsatisfied with everything I put on paper. But I have been noticing some of the rights America's given me that I didn't know were rights before I left.

Youtube: One of the best American rights. I forgot how much junk I was missing out on when it was illegal.

Walking in Public: When I'm not on youtube, walking is very comforting. There aren't tons of people to watch how I walk and stare at my white face.

Shorts: It is SOO nice to be all tangled up in a head-covering all the time, and to dress like it actually is 80 degrees

AC: I have the right not to sweat all the time. Best right of all

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  1. A post at last! Thank you. Ah yes, the AC... No. 1 right in the summer (especially in the South).