Monday, June 10, 2013

Best Moments in Life

Things in life that make living worth while:

1. Seeing a middle-aged man smile sentimentally while watching Up. I saw this in the airport a few weeks ago and it made me smile myself. I hope I'll never grow too old to appreciate kid's movies.

2. Watching my 94-year old Great-grandmother steal chocolate and, later on, watch her lick it off her fingers. I hope her spirit is hereditary!

3. Watching a bird sing in the rain. In my own life, I hope I have the courage to do the same.

4. Seeing things grow. We came back to America for the first time in three years, and everyone has changed just a little. Not in bad ways, but they have become more grown up, more complete--they have become better, as I hope I myself have become.

5. Hearing a kid say something you said when you were their age. This has happened to me several times this week, and it makes me smile. What makes me smile even more is having to say back to them a piece of advice some older person gave you when you were little--it makes you feel like you are apart of a cycle of maturity.


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